Brink’s Direct Credit

Credit for your deposits within one business day, facilitated by Brink’s Capital.

In one business day, you can get credit for your deposited funds to run your business.

Quick access to cash for working capital

Provides credit for deposits within one business day – no more waiting for cash to arrive at the bank

Significantly reduces banking fees

Eliminates stand-alone banking fees associated with deposit processing and change orders


Allows you to keep valuable treasury relationships or streamline to as few as desired

Why settle for less than total control of your cash flow?
Brink’s Direct Credit provides businesses with quick access to working capital for cash deposited in Brink’s hardware. As part of the Brink’s Complete subscription, Direct Credit credits your business for cash deposits as soon as one business day following placement into the Brink’s device. For companies looking to leverage their cash as working capital—or those working to reduce their dependency on other working capital lines of credit—this feature enables cash flow for your business in a fast and easy way.

Businesses can also elect to send Direct Credit to any bank account of their choosing—providing an opportunity to maintain existing treasury relationships or consolidate accounts when it makes sense. Brink’s seamlessly integrates the flow of these deposit transactions via Brink’s 24SEVEN, so that businesses have simple way to manage and view all Brink’s Complete deposit activity across bank accounts through a single portal.
Meet your new favorite solutions
Brink’s Complete is built to meet your every need with these trusted tools for your business.

Brink's 24SEVEN

A user-friendly portal that tracks all your Brink’s cash activity for better visibility and insight.

Tech-Enabled Brink's Hardware

Turn-key hardware that makes fast, secure deposits simple across locations.

Brink's EZChange Express Solution

The simple, convenient way to get the change you need.